According to a new study published by the journal Sexual Medicine, roughly a third of U.S. females have utilised marijuana just before sex, and these who do report elevated need and greater orgasms.

The study states that marijuana use has been on the rise amongst U.S. adults as a increasing quantity of states pass laws legalizing it for healthcare and recreational purposes. While marijuana is believed to act on the cannabinoid receptor in the brain, which is involved in sexual function, small study to date has examined the drug’s effect on sexual well being, the study group notes.

According to Reuters, researchers surveyed 373 female sufferers at an obstetrics and gynecology practice in an academic healthcare center in Saint Louis, Missouri. General, 127 females, or 34 %, reported applying marijuana just before sexual activity.

Ladies who utilised marijuana just before sex have been twice as probably as these who didn’t to say they had “satisfactory” orgasms, the survey identified. And females who consistently utilised the drug have been twice as probably as occasional customers to have satisfying orgasms.

“What’s new about this study is that marijuana is framed as getting valuable for sex,” stated Joseph Palamar, a population well being researcher at NYU Langone Healthcare Center in New York City who wasn’t involved in the study.

“Typically, drugs are investigated as danger elements for sex. I feel this paper signifies that occasions are altering,” Palamar stated by e-mail.

Like alcohol and several recreational drugs, marijuana has lengthy been linked to an elevated danger of sexual activity amongst teens, and some preceding study has also tied marijuana to unsafe sex and larger prices of sexually transmitted ailments.

“In the existing study, on the other hand, Dr. Becky Lynn of Saint Louis University College of Medicine and colleagues focused on the connection involving marijuana and women’s satisfaction with their sex lives, sex drive, orgasms, lubrication and discomfort through intercourse. Lynn didn’t respond to requests for comment”, states Reuters. General, 197 females in the study, or about 52 %, didn’t use marijuana at all. A different 49 females, or 13 %, utilised the drug but didn’t indulge just before sex.

Ladies who did use marijuana just before sex appeared to have additional lubrication and significantly less discomfort through intercourse than females who didn’t, but the variations have been also smaller to rule out the possibility they have been due to opportunity.

Compared to occasional marijuana customers, females who consistently utilised the drug reported greater lubrication, and elevated satisfaction with their sex lives – but right here, also, the variations have been also smaller to rule out the possibility of opportunity.

Beyond its smaller size, 1 limitation of the study is that it wasn’t a controlled experiment made to prove regardless of whether or how marijuana could straight effect sexual well being. It is also unclear regardless of whether females smoked pot or utilised a different type of the drug, or if this was the only substance females have been applying that could alter their sexual function.

A different drawback is that the study integrated largely white females who have been married or in relationships, producing it probable the benefits do not represent what all females would knowledge. And, the study didn’t explicitly spell out what kind of “sex” it was asking about, producing it complicated to say for certain what kinds of activity could be impacted by marijuana use.

“It is unknown how seasoned these females have been with marijuana or in combining marijuana and sex. We also do not know who intentionally combined marijuana with sex,” Palamar stated.