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Trulieve Sativa Clementine (Clm)



As the name implies, Trulieve’s Sativa Clementine has a sweet citrus flavor. With roots in Tangie and Lemon Skunk, this sativa hybrid encourages an elevated mood, but with no the heavy effects usually connected with Indicas.

It is simply because of the “lighter”, mood-boosting impact of Clementine that quite a few sufferers favor to use this all through the day. It is a mellow impact in that it brings relief and calm to sufferers. It might also energize these suffering from depression and the effects of pharmaceuticals utilized to treat mental illness circumstances.

This energizing impact can be a bit intense for these who practical experience panic attacks. It is advisable to ease into useage and to introduce smaller doses. As a outcome of the power and concentrate-issue of Clementine, individuals with ADHD/ADD uncover this strain valuable in combating challenges connected with awareness and concentration.


Citrus, Lemon


Citrus, Lemon, Earthy

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