No matter whether you choose a pipe since of the conveniences that it makes it possible for for travel, you like hunting at the colors as you use it, or just choose the really feel of glass completely encompassed in your hand, there truly is some thing definitely specific about smoking from a glass pipe.

That is why we’ve rounded up the ideal glass pipes accessible for obtain on-line and brought them to you right here, at Head Shop Headquarters. Right here they are all in a single location for uncomplicated, discreet browsing.

Why Use Glass Pipes?

You may perhaps be asking oneself, “If you sell bongs and pipes, why would I want a single more than the other?” The truth is, you want each. But there are particular instances when you do not want to deal with pulling out your bong. Confident, there are some added advantages that come from smoking from a single our ideal rated percolator bongs, but the capability to carry a pipe in your pocket cannot be overlooked.

Traits of a Fantastic Glass Pipe 

When it comes to getting a glass pipe, there are particular specs and traits you must appear for. Right here are the items you must usually appear for when getting the ideal glass pipes:


  • Thick glass. You will drop it, so thick glass will make certain that it does not shatter. Double or triple blown glass is sturdier and will be significantly less most likely to break if you drop it.
  • Colour and design and style. Aspect of the explanation that you are picking glass is since the appear. When picking your pipe, make certain that you pick a single that appears cool and fits your character.
  • Carb. Make certain that the hole is not also narrow or also wide. You do not want to have to hit it also really hard or light your lungs on fire.
  • All round size of the pipe. Is it some thing you want to carry comfortably in your pocket or in your clutch? Do you travel with it a lot? Do the all round dimensions concern you? Hold these in thoughts as you make your selection.
  • Make certain your bowl size is just ideal. Obtaining a bowl that is the ideal size is important. Based on the quantity that you smoke, obtaining a little bowl may perhaps imply that you are spending also a great deal time obtaining to prepare your pipe as an alternative of smoking it.

Getting the Finest Glass Pipe for You 

As you take the aforementioned into consideration, make certain that you use these capabilities to aid obtain the excellent glass pipe for you. Eventually although, it is going to come down to a handful of items: peer critiques, look, and value.

Under is a breakdown of some of our highest rated products—an array of merchandise that covers everyone’s smoke wants. Appear via our ideal glass pipes under, or search our complete on-line glass pipe collection if some thing under does not tickle your fancy.

Finest Glass Pipes


Grav Labs Sherlock Pipe

Grav Labs Spoon Pipe

Empire Glass operates

psychedelic Spoon Pipe

Empire Glassworkz Octopus Spoon Pipe

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Best glass pipes

Best weed pipe



Best glass pipe


Best weed pipes

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Generating the Reduce: Glass Pipe Reviews 

Grav Labs Sherlock pipe for these that really like a longer pipe with some curves. Grav Labs produces some of the most reputable every day pipes on the marketplace.


Grav Labs Glass spoon is a excellent small pipe you can bring with you anyplace with a variety of colors to pick from and a little value tag.


Empire Glassworkz  leads the way in thick glass spoons with tons of colour and this pipe is no diverse. It has a decent size bowl and and carb on the side.


Empire Glassworkz octopus has so a great deal detail and colors. Its pretty enjoyable to appear at whilst smoking.

These glass pipes are all welled produced with thick borosilicate glass and no air bubbles. It all comes down to what you choose. One thing very simple like the Grav Labs pipes or some thing with a small additional colour or character like the Empire Glassworkz pipes.