Dear Editor,

It is a very good factor that the CARICOM mission is right here in The Bahamas to talk about the decriminalization of marijuana. The Bahamas is so, so backward on this concern. I’m glad CARICOM coming right here has led us to speak about this essential concern.

State following state in the United States is legalizing. I feel it is up to seven or eight. Along with these states, Canada is set to legalize. Uruguay currently has. A lot of other nations have decriminalized.

Marijuana has a recreational use. A lot of also feel it has medicinal properties, specially when it comes to discomfort management. In the U.S. though only a handful of states have legalized completely, which includes for recreational use, the majority permit medicinal marijuana.

Recreationally, marijuana is like alcohol. Use it as well substantially and you could harm your overall health. Similar factor is the case with alcohol. Get as well higher and you incapacitate your self. The identical is the case if you get as well drunk. If you turn out to be dependent on it, you are an addict. The identical is the case with alcohol.

It is hypocritical to permit alcohol and to bar marijuana.

By generating marijuana illegal we waste police and court time we waste government dollars chasing, arresting and jailing people today who use it we also make criminals out of sincere and decent people today who just want to love a quick-term higher.

I feel a very good quantity of parliamentarians feel marijuana should really be legal. The dilemma is they worry these pastors who speak as well substantially. They have an opinion on every little thing. Some of them do not even have tertiary level education, but they act like professionals on all social concerns.

The politicians are afraid to touch concerns the pastors oppose, even when they know they would be very good moves for the nation. The pastors hold us back. The lack of courage amongst the politicians holds us back also.

We are becoming silly when it comes to marijuana. We should really legalize it and let adults make possibilities with their lives. If you feel marijuana is terrible and evil, then do not use it. That is your proper. Your proper, nonetheless, should really not be a law that stops the rest of us from enjoying a smoke every single now and then. This is a cost-free nation and these who want to smoke following a tough day of perform should really not be restricted by the view of old-fashioned people today.

Bahamians who help legalizing it have to have to speak up far more. There are lots of us. We have to have to push for alter. That is the only way we are going to get to the point exactly where adults can love themselves with a smoke without having the worry of becoming arrested.

– Martha S. Greene

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