New Hampshire Governor Vetoes Health-related Marijuana Dwelling Developing


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Earlier this month, New Hampshire Governor John Sununu vetoed a bill that would have permitted certified healthcare marijuana sufferers to develop up to six plants in their house for medicinal use.

“This bill would bypass these public well being and security guardrails and make the job of law enforcement considerably far more tricky,” Sununu stated in a statement. “Furthermore, it could serve to undermine the protections we have constructed inside the Option Remedy Center method by creating these facilities much less sustainable.”

The Governor also pointed out the “need” to limit “diversion of marijuana to the black market”. This is an excuse typically applied by politicians to limit healthcare marijuana in some way – the dreaded “diversion”. As if some legal healthcare cannabis creating its way to the black market place is so egregious that it justifies limiting access to healthcare cannabis for sick persons.

In a state with only five dispensaries, it is not challenging to visualize sick persons who have difficulty travelling experiencing troubles having healthcare marijuana. If we’re speaking about compassion, 1 would feel that their ease of acquiring healthcare cannabis would be far more critical than some persons who the state does not feel qualifies as sick having ahold of some marijuana that was especially designated for these that the state does feel are sick.

Moreover, these who develop marijuana in their house are not infringing on the rights of any individual else, no matter what they are expanding it for. So these persons shouldn’t be criminalized, specifically by hypocrite politicians who claim to be performing what is in the small guy’s greatest interests.

And if the Governor is so worried about the sustainability of the state’s dispensary method, then he must be advocating for far more qualifying situations to be added so far more sufferers qualify to acquire healthcare marijuana. It is a win-win. It signifies far more dispensaries, far more jobs, far more sustainability for the method and far more sick persons having access to a medicine that can assistance them.

When politicians and lawmakers choose who can have what medicine, numerous are going to be left out. When strangers choose what is greatest for your life, your good quality of life will endure. When the government tries to assistance you, it will typically hurt you alternatively.

No 1 is becoming helped by the prohibition of house expanding, least of all sufferers themselves. Lawmakers must constantly be striving to permit far more access for sufferers above all other considerations.


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