RayWear founder, Daniel Jordan, has extended been concerned about the numerous workers exposed to harsh develop lights day immediately after day for months on finish. He believes the cultivators who make a living beneath these circumstances deserve to be in a protected functioning atmosphere exactly where their wellness is not at threat. So he started researching light radiation and techniques to shield persons from it.

Daniel’s study led him to a handful of firms that specialize in clothes that protects the wearer from UV rays. But he also discovered develop lights emit an complete spectrum of light — aside from UV rays — that can be potentially damaging to human skin. That signifies even wellness-conscious workers who put on protective clothes are only shielding themselves from a modest fraction of the light spectrum radiation that poses a potentially considerable threat.

Armed with this information, Daniel set out to create a exclusive line of protective clothes with the security of cannabis cultivators in thoughts. He worked with dermatologists and clothes designers to establish which components possess the most protective properties. As a result,  RayWear was born.

[Q.] Daniel, we know that you have a degree in Political Science and worked in the hospitality sector for fairly awhile. How did these, and other elements of your background, enable you in your journey with launching RayWear?

[A.] Getting a powerful background in Hospitality actually tends to make you worth the consumer practical experience.  You place oneself in their footwear anytime you can so you can generate the ideal practical experience from their point of view.  The similar was correct when developing RayWear. How can I generate one thing that will give my buyers the ideal practical experience?  The ideal protection. The ideal comfort, and so forth. That has generally been at the forefront of anything we do. I want you to be amazed when you attempt our gear on for the 1st time.  Not only for how it appears and feels, but how it protects you and improves your day. And I assume we have achieved that objective.

[Q.] Prior to RayWear, what was your level of involvement or information in the Cannabis sector?

[A.] I was generally a fan of the sector, but never ever understood how specific substances had been undesirable, but other substances that had been objectively worse, had been legal?  How can you get prescribed synthetic heroin (oxy) from a medical professional, but a flower sent you to jail? I was functioning with a companion in Las Vegas towards cannabis banking and eCommerce options when my family’s wellness difficulties began to escalate.  I really feel actually blessed that I was pulled away from the banking chance simply because a lot of persons are speaking about banking. Incredibly couple of are speaking about the wellness and security of growers.

[Q.] What obstacles and challenges did you face even though acquiring RayWear off the ground and into the hands of growers?

[A.] Education.  Education is the greatest hurdle we face.  So couple of really fully grasp the reality of light radiation in modern day cultivation environments.  Growers are functioning extended hours in develop rooms, which when you actually assume about them, are basically tanning beds for plants.  It is a modest enclosed area, with extremely reflective surfaces that are flooded with light radiation. How can any one think radiation levels of that sort will not have any impact on the worker?  We want to educate the neighborhood so it remains wholesome. If we drop the growers, then we drop the sector.

[Q.] Most of us are somewhat familiar with the effects of UV exposure. What extra dangers do Cannabis growers assume in regards to UV exposure?

[A.] The dilemma is that is it not just UV.  Light radiation is so a great deal bigger than just UV.  It is the complete spectrum of UV, Visible and Infrared (IR) radiation that growers have to be concerned about.  Absolutely everyone is familiar with UV dangers, but how quite a few know that Visible light, particularly Higher Power Visible (400-500nm) influence the human physique just like UV does?  That is a single of the greatest education difficulties. Visible light has historically been deemed not damaging. And for the typical individual, it is not. But develop rooms and develop lights generate a fully exclusive atmosphere that we really do not fully grasp.  Science has established visible light can influence skin illness, melanogenesis, create absolutely free radicals (discovered in practically each recognized type of cancer) and can influence your DNA thru reactive oxygen species. But simply because most persons will never ever practical experience it, it is hardly recognized, even in the scientific neighborhood.  So it is not just UV growers have to be concerned about. It is the complete spectrum.

[Q.] How is RayWear distinctive than other clothes that protects the wearer from UV rays?

[A.] We shield growers from far much more than just UV radiation.  We offer a answer that growers really have to have, complete-spectrum protection.  We are tested against UV, Visible and IR. We are the only corporation that does it.  We created our gear particularly to combat the harsh reality of cultivation from each atmosphere.  No matter whether you are on a farm, in a greenhouse, develop area or hybrid, every atmosphere has its personal exclusive radiation wants.  RayWear offers the most full protection in each atmosphere.

[Q.] Exactly where do you assume the sector has area to develop and expand, in terms of protected and comfy solutions particularly geared towards Cannabis growers?

[A.] Not a great deal additional than RayWear I hope.  HAHA. But seriously, it has a lot of area.  Just acquiring employee wellness and security as one thing becoming discussed is massive.  We are addressing light radiation dangers. There are a lot of persons smarter than me addressing other elements of the sector that nonetheless have to have improvement.  We are a incredibly young sector, but and sector that desires to do the proper point. Men and women want to shield their group and be protected themselves. And it is conversations like this a single that will drive the complete sector forward in a good path.

[Q.] What are the subsequent measures and corporation ambitions for RayWear?

[A.] Definitely, our passion is educating and guarding growers.  Becoming an American Produced corporation we know fees are generally an situation for growers, so obtaining partnerships that will let us decrease fees for them is generally a major priority.  We are generally hunting for that new fabric that performs much better. We also like functioning with growers who have concepts on how our solutions can be enhanced. But we actually like the path we are on and are incredibly optimistic about the future wellness of growers.  And their wellness will establish the future wellness of the sector.

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