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Surfside is a consumer acquisition platform that specializes in activating and expanding 1st celebration information for advertising, insights, and measurement. They are at present focused in the cannabis business but functioning across verticals to assistance enterprises realize, retain and obtain new clients.

With the business becoming even additional information driven, we’re grateful to have discovered additional about what Surfside is up to from one particular of their co-founders, Jon Lowen. Jon is a verified leader in the marketing technologies business, implementing approaches that provide outcomes across business enterprise operations and solution improvement.

Most not too long ago Jon was Chief Technique Officer at SITO Mobile, exactly where he was at the helm of development technique acquisitions and business enterprise improvement as he helped raise income 40x more than his tenure. Prior to CSO, Jon was COO and led operations and solution at several corporations like SITO, DoubleVision, and Carbon Media Group (formerly Outside Hub).

Through his leadership, Jon has grown every single business enterprise by more than 10x from a income and employee point of view and effectively procured several capital raises and exits. Here’s what he had to inform us about Surfside:

Jon Lowen – Co-Founder of Surfside

We sat down with Jon to understand a bit additional about Surfside and here’s what he had to say…

[Q.] Hi Jon! Can you inform us a small bit about your individual background and how you came to enter the cannabis business??

[A.] Confident point! Early on I started my profession in marketing and technologies. Whilst nevertheless in college I joined a startup that was focused on marketing for hunting and fishing brands across digital media.

This was an exciting vertical as a lot of these corporations did not have an outlet for digital marketing and a lot of mainstream publishers/technologies banned brands that advertised guns and ammo – which is naturally a significant spender in the hunting space.

It was for the duration of this time that I discovered the ins and outs of the digital media space and how to make options for underserved markets

More than the subsequent 10+ years I continued to operate with various technologies and remain ahead of the curve as digital media grew at a speedy price. Most not too long ago I was involved with place-primarily based media via mobile marketing and we utilized place information to assistance with driving sales and foot visitors for brick and mortar retailers.

We located that place information was an fantastic way to realize the behavior and acquire intent of shoppers and that there had been a quantity of applications when utilized adequately. By means of all this expertise, we wanted to take what we had discovered via functioning with 1,000s of brands and retailers and make a simplified remedy that was accessible to the masses. A single of our initial clientele was a multi-state dispensary who was in search of information and media options.

By means of this client, we became pretty interested and educated on the limitations and technologies readily available to the cannabis market place.

It was at this time that we decided to concentrate our efforts on solving for the lack of media capabilities, scale and technologies that served this market place. We wanted cannabis corporations to have the similar if not superior possibilities to develop and handle their enterprises via smarter customer information and targeted advertising.

Surfside Encounter Graph

[Q.] What is Surfside and how does it assistance dispensaries and brands obtain new clients?

[A.] In Every single brand, retailer or business enterprise has various attributes, goods or culture that drives shoppers or other enterprises to operate with them. We assistance corporations recognize what these attributes are so they can locate further men and women, devices or enterprises with these similar attributes to develop their business enterprise in a additional effective manner.

We operate with brands and dispensaries so that they can take consumer information that could go unused, like web page visits, retailer visits, acquire insights, media campaign engagement, and other digital and physical interactions that a customer could have with a corporation, and we turn all of that information into insights and actionable audiences for advertising purposes..

Surfside maintains a genuine-time graph on customer information (The Encounter Graph) that profiles 99% of shoppers in the US and CAN – it contains demographics, place, purchases, behaviors and linked devices.

When this information is merged 1st celebration information from a brand or dispensary, it supplies further insight on who these clients are and how and why they are getting or interacting with your business enterprise. Especially for a brand, if you have men and women going to your web-site, you want to know what sort of customer is interested in your brand and how can you then attain that customer, and related shoppers, to then drive a acquire on-line or in-retailer.

For a dispensary, it could be connecting your POS information, with your CRM and web page information, to superior realize the path to acquire/retailer pay a visit to. When functioning with brands and dispensaries, significant and tiny, we can use the Surfside information and/or the consumer 1st celebration information to assistance make a additional targeted marketing campaign that is tailored to audiences that are additional most likely to turn out to be clients – lowering consumer acquisition charges and rising time to conversion.

[Q.] How does Surfside gather it is initial-celebration information?

[A.] Surfside partners with a quantity of dispensaries, brands, e-commerce platforms, POS systems and other cannabis associated datasets and technologies.

We are observing deterministic and anonymized on-line and offline behaviors and associating them to marketable IDs. We then enrich this customer-level cannabis information with other genuine-planet behaviors and attributes so that Surfside can get a total image of the customer journey and realize what elements or combinations are driving present and future actions.

[Q.] Can you inform us additional about the Surfside ecosystem?

[A.] The Surfside ecosystem makes it possible for you to strategy, execute, optimize and measure your business enterprise development. We present a single remedy that makes it possible for enterprises to take static and unused consumer information and turn it into advertising segments. This makes it possible for enterprises to effectively market place very relevant new and current clients by way of omni-channel marketing.

At the core of this technologies is our Encounter Graph. The Encounter graph performs with our information collection technologies to enrich and turn single objective information into very actionable and multidimensional consumer information.

Our internet-primarily based interface makes it possible for for clients to visualize and make audiences, measure campaign and retail successes, along with strategy and forecast future advertising initiatives. When you have constructed and found the correct audiences and media mix model, you are capable to action and execute programmatic media campaigns via the Surfside DSP.

[Q.] How does Surfside guarantee that advertisements attain of-age audiences?

[A.] We take a multi-step strategy when validating age and making sure correct targeting. Table stakes are becoming capable to target distinct publishers that have validated that their audience is at least 71.six% more than the age of 21.

We take further actions beyond that as our purpose is to drive genuine outcomes. So there is no worth to Surfside or our clientele to attain underaged shoppers as they are unable to enter a dispensary or order these goods on-line – our objectives are to drive sales and retailer visits. To accomplish this level of targeting we use predefined audiences from our Encounter Graph which has age, acquire and place information linked to advertising IDs.

Beyond placing an age filter on the audiences we attain, we appear at their visitation to age-gated areas and their life-style habits to be capable to validate against the age information that we associate to our profiles. This is cross referenced against a quantity of 3rd celebration datasets so that we can validate our findings against other reliable sources as properly.

[Q.] What do you assume is one particular of the most significant obstacles facing the business now?

[A.] There are so a lot of obstacles in this business that it is actually really hard to choose one particular. Also, becoming an ancillary corporation and non-plant touching we are pretty sheltered to the correct obstacles that exist.

That becoming mentioned, I think they all stem from the lack of communication and organization of the states to make consistency. With every single state getting various sets of guidelines and restrictions it severely hampers the capacity for brands and retailers to scale nationally.

The additional price that goes into compliance in every single area or town, or producing positive you make packaging that is scalable against restrictive and significantly less restrictive states, requires away from the capacity to educate shoppers and develop the business. Building market place requirements is inevitable and you would assume that we could skip the political jockeying as efficiency advantages all parties involved.

[Q.] How is Surfside functioning to address it?

[A.] Surfside is vocal and active inside the national cannabis organizations. We are working with our expertise and relationships with business leaders to assistance make requirements for marketing. Our purpose is to make separate marketing requirements for CBD and THC in conjunction with the national cannabis organizations that would be adopted nationally.

[Q.] What is subsequent for Surfside?

[A.] Proper now we are focused on continuing to make out our technologies to offer you consumer facing, self service tools for the cannabis business. In tandem, we appear to continue expanding our relationships and information integrations to additional make on our cannabis customer database, so it remains the biggest actionable dataset in the business.

Thanks for speaking with Cannabis Magazine Jon! Definitely great stuff you guys are carrying out!

Thanks for getting me group!



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