How to Clean a Bong (Step-by-Step Guide)


There are numerous factors for why smoking out of a dirty bong is a terrible concept. Even even though most of us are guilty of performing precisely that throughout our college years (and right after), it is crucial that as we mature, our habits mature as well.

As we develop older, we naturally get started paying a lot more interest to points like hygiene and well being. Having said that, apart from these two points, there are several other factors why maintaining our bongs clean at all occasions is a thing all of us should really get started practicing ASAP.

But, just before we list a handful of of the most effective procedures for maintaining your bong clean, let’s run by way of a handful of important factors why it is super crucial to spend interest to the cleanliness of your smoking gear.

Dangers of smoking out of a dirty bong

Initial and foremost, smoking out of a dirty bong severely compromises the flavor of the herb you are smoking. By performing this, not only are you destroying the taste (which becomes much less smooth and a lot more tarry), but you are throwing your challenging-earned dollars away. Rather of performing a huge disservice to your smoking crew and oneself, clean your bong 1st.

Oftentimes many types of debris and resin located inside the bong’s essential components like the stem and bowl severely hinder the overall performance of the device by clogging it up.

If you do not clean your bong frequently, you will finish up with a lot of sticky buildup that is pretty complicated to scrub off. This implies that you are going to have to place a ton of function into removing this slimy mold and resin from your bong if you do not finish up ruining it totally.

Most importantly, smoking out of a dirty bong is terrible news for your well being. Did you know that it requires much less than 24 hours for the nasty biofilm to kind? A lot more precisely, this biofilm is the breeding ground of all types of hazardous microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria.

On best of this, when you are employing a bong, a lot of resin and burnt herb ends up in the water as nicely, additional contaminating the formed biofilm with pathogens like E. Coli, Streptococcus, and Flavobacterium.

These pathogens can result in really serious pulmonary complications such as emphysema, pneumonia, and several other people.

When anything is taken into consideration, it becomes painfully clear that there’s substantially a lot more to shed than to obtain from maintaining your bong dirty. 

Having said that, all is not lost. Here’s what you should really do:

Turn bong cleaning into a habit

The finest way to steer clear of all the previously talked about dangers of smoking out of a dirty bong is to turn the, usually tedious, cleaning method into a everyday/weekly habit.

Here’s what we imply by that:

  • If you are an avid/everyday smoker, make certain to alter the water in your bong each and every single day!
  • Do not leave the bong filled with water if you are not employing it that day.
  • Rinse out the bong with hot water as soon as a day, when it suits you the most, and make a habit out of it.
  • At least as soon as a week, clean your bong with the mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt (the most widespread and effective approach). 

If you adhere to this practice, you will locate that your bong will get dirty much less regularly, and when it does, it will not need a ton of laborious scrubbing to develop into sparkling clean as soon as once more.

This practice will save you a ton of time and will not place your patience to the test. Feel about it for a second. Is it improved to devote five minutes every single day cleaning your bong, or a couple of hours when it hasn’t been cleaned for ages?

Give it a shot. We guarantee you will not regret it.

Just before we move on to the most effective bong cleaning procedures, we’d like to give you two more pieces of assistance. The 1st a single is associated to how you shop your bong. If you are not employing it, it would be finest to preserve it nicely protected inside a challenging case or a bong bag.

The second piece of assistance is to use filtered water each when you are smoking and when you are rinsing out your gear. This will avert any water stains from forming inside your bong.

Finest bong cleaning procedures

As you may possibly visualize, persons rely on many procedures to preserve their bongs sparkling clean. Having said that, not all of these procedures apply to all forms of bongs. For instance, silicone and glass bongs cannot withstand the exact same cleaning remedy.

Here’s anything you will need to know about the most effective bong cleaning procedures:

Rubbing alcohol and salt for glass bongs

Most of the time, smokers rely on this nicely-identified recipe for maintaining their bongs clean. It is a super dependable and affordable approach, but it is appropriate only for ceramic and glass bongs.

These are the methods you will need to take:

  1. Disassemble your bong.
  2. Seal the holes (either with res caps or a plastic bag with a rubber band securing it in spot more than the hole), pour a layer of salt in it and add rubbing alcohol.
  3. Give it a great shake and let it rest for up to 10 minutes.
  4. Repeat the shaking at least 3 a lot more occasions.
  5. Rinse out with warm water.

For the disassembled components, place them in a Ziploc bag with the exact same alcohol and salt mixture. Let them sit in it for at least 30 minutes.

Having said that, if you are searching to go complete-on all-natural, you can replace the alcohol with either vinegar or lemon juice. Each of these will get the job carried out pretty much as great as alcohol, but the method will final a lot longer. It would be finest if you left your gear sitting in the mixture overnight to obtain the finest doable final results.

Vinegar also operates wonders when combined with baking soda alternatively of salt. The finest issue about this mixture is that it leaves no unpleasant odors behind, and it is totally protected and all-natural.

Also, you can use a mixture of lemon juice and water to get rid of the nasty water stains on your bong. Furthermore, you can even add a couple (no a lot more) of drops of lemon juice in the water even though you are smoking. The enzymes located in lemon juice will avert sticky resin buildup from forming.

Silicone bongs are the easiest to clean

In contrast to glass, silicone and alcohol are not specifically fond of every single other. In truth, if you use alcohol to clean up your bong, you will most most likely ruin it totally. Alcohol severely deforms silicone’s chemical structure and weakens it irrevocably.

But, fortunately, silicone bongs are the easiest ones to clean since, most of the time, they are dishwasher protected.

The only issue you should really be cautious about is regardless of whether your silicone bong is created with a chemical named BPA. Humans are not developed to consume this chemical, and if you do finish up washing the bong in the dishwasher, it will activate this toxin and let it leach into into the bong itself.

Hence, if you have however to acquire a bong and you are searching to get a silicone a single, make certain that you invest in a single that is BPA-free of charge!

Of course, it would be clever to rinse out the bong with warm water right after it is been washed in the dishwasher. You do not want to smoke soap now, do you?

Make a alter for the improved

Hopefully, we’ve helped you recognize the value of maintaining your smoking gear gleaming. As you have observed, it does not take a ton of time and work to do, but the rewards of performing it are profound.

Finest of all, you can even use 100% all-natural components to clean your bong to assure protected weed smoking sessions afterward.

Treat oneself, your smoking companions, your herbs, and your gear with respect. Make a alter for the improved, right now!


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