Post: Missouri Adopts ‘Don’t Ask, Do not Sell’ Policy on Taxes Connected to CBD Sales


Tax officials in Missouri are doubting the legality of CBD-containing goods becoming sold in shops, particularly given that such goods are nonetheless largely unregulated.

As per documents, Joel Walters who was a former Director for the Division of Income, raised a query to Eric Schmitt, Lawyer Basic, for his opinion final March relating to the issuance of sales tax licenses by the division to corporations that sell CBD, a well-liked hemp extract.

Raising a Concern

Walters recommended that CBD goods sold by retail may possibly not be lawful below the 2014 law stating that the Missouri Division of Agriculture granted only two corporations to legally cultivate hemp and then extract CBD hemp oil from their harvest.

The mentioned law additional states that the extract must only be for the use of sufferers who undergo therapy for intractable epilepsy.

Walters reasoned that CBD oil goods sold in a shop may not be legal primarily based on the 2014 law, which then tends to make their division query no matter whether it is lawful to license such goods legally.

He additional stated at the inquiry that the division nonetheless has not produced a stance relating to the situation mainly because the data supplied to their division was uncertain and inconsistent. He noted how there had been differing opinions from quite a few agencies, which prompted him to method the Lawyer General’s workplace for legal help on the mentioned matter.

Schmitt’s workplace decided to hide the opinion from the public, in contrast to other legal opinions asked of them, which they release inside 90 days.

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