Tang Tang: Why Colorado Tokers Enjoy This Strain


“Tang” is one particular of the extra complicated flavor ideas for me to grasp. Is it sweet? Savory? Sour? A mix of all 3? Calling one thing “tangy” at a household dinner table will usually lead to an argument from somebody who thinks tangy and tart are the identical issue, thanks to powdered-drink-pushing chimpanzees. In actuality, tang is supposed be slightly sour whilst adding a different fresh or zesty characteristic, as with plain yogurt, sourdough bread or specific tomato sauces.

Tangy cannabis strains are even tougher to pinpoint, for the reason that the trait does not genuinely exist in most outdoors of Cannalope Haze and some peach- and apricot-leaning strains. Sour flavors in pot typically come from terpenes identified in citrus fruits, which are clearly extra sour than tangy — but when matched with light pine, herbal or floral notes, the tang is there.

Tang Tang (also identified as Tropical Tang and just Tang) requires sweet, dank and savory notes of skunk and ripe peaches and pits them against a zesty, citrus-laden sourness, like a bottle of homemade barbecue sauce. The strain’s uncommon flavor and even rarer rush of power have offered Tang Tang somewhat of a cult following, with a higher identified for daytime euphoria and focused productivity. But to obtain a cult following, there wants to be aspect of below-estimation or low distribution. In my opinion, Tang Tang has to fight each.

A phenotype of Blue Sonja, Tang Tang has deep roots that stretch back to Blueberry and Grapefruit strains, and even additional back to Afghani and Thai landraces. The strain’s genetics are reportedly about 90 % sativa, and the higher is excellent for the outside or active user — but Tang Tang’s yield is mediocre, and it requires a number of weeks longer than most strains to totally bloom. These qualities are so ugly to industrial growers that two of Tang Tang’s kids, Mob Boss and Pootie Tang, eclipsed it in popularity in Colorado years ago. Even so, you can nevertheless discover Tang Tang about town intermittently.

Appears: Tang Tang is labeled a 90 % sativa, and its buds match that mold, with slender, open calyxes that appear like a bunch of skunky, scrumptious blobs. That daytime reputation is created stronger by the strain’s vibrant-green colour.

Smell: Tang Tang’s sweet smell of apricots, citrus and pine needles is rounded out with a heavy skunk aroma, providing it that “tangy” smell, like a salad with more than-ripened fruit and heavy dressing.

Flavor: This is exactly where you study how uncommon Tang Tang’s flavor profile genuinely is, as these tart, refreshing flavors keep wound tight alternatively of separating into layers, as occurs with most citrus-heavy strains.

Effects: Treat Tang Tang like coffee that tends to make you hungry alternatively of wanting to poop: A tiny is particularly blissful and productive, but as well substantially is disorienting, and your wit drains by the second. I use it for tension, slight anxiousness, neck discomfort and a touchy stomach.

Household grower’s take: “She’s a fairly fantastic strain for fall or winter if you are expanding indoors, for the reason that I keep in mind my Tropical Tang undertaking pretty nicely in spite of about five degrees of temperature fluctuation at evening or in the morning. That will typically fuck with a strain, but she kept pushing. These final two or 3 weeks seemed like they took forever, even though. It is like the buds got to 90 % full inside six weeks, then took a different 3 or 4 to finish that final 10 %. For an typical yield, that is a lot of time.”

Industrial grower’s take: “You could not see Tang about retailers as substantially as you after did, but you will undoubtedly see traces of it. Mob Boss has been a massive strain in Denver for a couple years now, and that is a Tang hybrid. So is Ultra Sonja and Pootie Tang, I think. They’re all just extra friendly for profitability, and the higher is related.”

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