Teen Sues Juul In spite of Suffering Lung Harm Due to THC


Adam Hergenreder, an 18-year-old from Illinois, has accused Juul of promoting e-cigarettes to young people today, and mentioned that vaping has triggered him irreparable harm. “I’m 18 years old. My lungs are like a 70-year-old’s,” he told CBS though in hospital. “My lungs will under no circumstances be the similar.”

Hergenreder has admitted that apart from vaping e-liquids bought from vape shops, he has also vaped THC, which he got from a drug dealer.

On the other hand, the situations of vape-associated lung illness reported across the States have been linked to vaping unlicensed THC and nicotine merchandise. In reality Hergenreder has admitted that apart from vaping e-liquids bought from vape shops, he has also vaped THC, which he purchased from a drug dealer.

In line with the above, a new study has looked into 53 situations by individuals in Illinois and Wisconsin, who had vaped inside 90 days of their symptoms. Most of these individuals, 84%, admitted to vaping illegally bought cannabis merchandise.

Meanwhile Mr. Hergenreder claims that he initially began vaping “because absolutely everyone else was carrying out it”, saying that he was unaware of any wellness dangers from e-cigarettes. The lawsuit claims that Juul markets its merchandise in a way to encourage young people today to get started employing them, and that they under no circumstances completely name the risky chemical substances discovered in their pods.

Juul Labs: “Our item need to only be utilised by smokers looking for to quit”

Meanwhile, exiting CEO of Juul Labs Kevin Burns, has created it clear that their device need to only be utilised for smoking cessation and harm reduction purposes, and that non-smokers need to not get started employing nicotine containing merchandise such as Juul.

“Don’t vape. Do not use Juul,” mentioned Burns in an interview with Tony Dokoupil on CBS This Morning. “Don’t get started employing nicotine if you do not have a preexisting connection with nicotine. Do not use the item. You are not our target customer.”

When asked by Dokoupil whether or not Juul is safer than cigarettes, for apparent factors Burns wouldn’t comment. “I’m not gonna comment about exactly where I am in terms of that,” he mentioned. In addition to the many lawsuits faced by Juul, Connecticut’s Lawyer Common William Tong has also not too long ago announced that he is “investigating” JUUL Labs to verify whether or not the corporation has really claimed that their device can be utilised for smoking cessation, saying that such a claim would be unlawful.

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