Vaping Overall health Issues : Marijuana


I’ve smoked weed everyday for years. Quite a few years. About a year ago, I switched to wax totally for economic motives. I was flying via flower, and I identified that wax would get me just as stoned for about half the month-to-month expense. I purchased a (huge) nectar collector, and a Dr. Dabber vape pen.

Yesterday, the NYT published an write-up about the dangers of vaping, likening the resulting lung harm to chemical burns, a lot like what you would see if the individual had been exposed to mustard gas. 16 men and women dead so far, primarily due to the fact their lungs had been constricted and they could not get sufficient oxygen.

This definitely freaked me out. I am not below the illusion that any of what I am undertaking is fantastic for my physique, but the photographs of broken lungs definitely hit property. In the final month, I do really feel like I can not breathe as effectively. My throat hurts and my chest feels tight, and the wax tends to make me really feel anxious rather than comforted like it employed to (I recognize this final one particular is totally mental, but nonetheless).

So here’s my query, although I know existing investigation is restricted with this stuff getting relatively new:

Is a nectar collector safer or significantly less secure than a vape pen? Is smoking flower safer than concentrates? Generally, how can I continue consuming marijuana in the safest way attainable? (I know edibles are most likely safest, but that is a lot extra perform more than right here in the deep South). Aid!


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