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Hashish, also identified as hash, is a concentrated preparation of the resin secreted by cannabis plants. The use of cannabis for recreation has been traced back to India and Iran about 1000 BC, and was adopted into Middle Eastern culture in the ninth century AD. A report published by the United Nations Workplace on Drugs and Crime located that Morocco remains the biggest producer of cannabis resin (hash) in the globe, although Western Europe is the world’s biggest industry for hash. If you have been questioning how to make hash for oneself, we place with each other an straightforward guide to generating bubble hash.

Bubble Hash/Water Hash

If you have a huge volume of bud or trim and you want to know how to make hash with it, the bubble hash technique is an best approach to separate plant matter from the trichomes without having employing harsh chemical compounds or solvents. The cold temperatures of the ice and water trigger the stalks of the trichomes to turn into brittle although the agitation of this method separates them from the plant material. 

What you will want:

  • Cannabis or trim, frozen.
  • Hash Extraction Bags, sizes: 25-micron, 73-micron, 160-micron, and 220-micron
    • (Bubble Bags are a well known industrial decision or make your personal out of silkscreen material)
  • Ice
  • Water
  • two five-Gallon Buckets
  • Paint stirrer
  • Metal spoon or scraper
  • Micron Drying screen


  1. In a single bucket, location the 220-micron bag. In the second bucket, layer in the other bags, beginning with the 25-micron bag, then the 73, followed by the 160 on leading. Fold the tops of every bag more than the edge of the bucket, like you would with your kitchen trash bag. 
  2. Add a layer of ice into the bottom of the 220 bag. Eliminate your cannabis or trim from the freezer and add a layer of it on leading of the ice. Add an additional layer of ice, followed by cannabis and additional ice on leading.
  3. Fill the bucket with water till the leading level of ice starts to float. Enable your ice water and cannabis mixture to sit for 20 minutes.
  4. Use your paint stirrer, or a extended wooden spoon, to swirl the mixture about, generating positive to attain all of the plant matter. Do not overdo it. You want to trigger the trichomes to break away from the plant matter although avoiding pulverizing the cannabis. Immediately after stirring, let the contents of the bucket to settle for 10 minutes.
  5. Lift the 220-micron bag up and let any remaining water to drain into the bucket. Spot this bag in a bowl, or an additional bucket, to be processed once more if preferred. 
  6. Pour the water from the 1st bucket more than the bucket with the other extraction bags. Rinse out the 1st bucket.
  7. Immediately after most of the water drains from the 160-micron mesh bag, take away it and location it in the freshly-rinsed bucket. Use your sink’s sprayer to wash the strained material down to the center of the bag and let the water to drain once more
  8. Pull the sides of the micron bag down along the bucket till the base of the bag is stretched across the bucket like a drum. Use your spoon or scraping tool to scrape up your wet hash and location it on the micron drying screen.
  9. Eliminate the 160-micron extraction bag and repeat actions 7 and eight with the 73-micron and 25-micron bags.
  10. If you want, you can use the very same cannabis to repeat actions 1 by way of 9 to create a second batch of hash.
  11. As your hash dries, chop and stir it with the spoon to market even drying.

Other Techniques to Make Hash

Hashish has been in production for centuries and the solutions continue to evolve with technologies and customer tastes. Some of these include things like:

Conventional Moroccan System: Cannabis is aged for months prior to becoming covered with cloth and beaten with sticks to extract the kief.

Dry Ice/Dry Screen System: This higher-excellent, low yield technique is utilized to produce hugely potent hash with quite restricted plant material.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO): The most controversial on the list, butane hash oil utilizes a flammable chemical to extract hash, and really should not be carried out at property for the reason that of the possibility of explosion. A safer solution is to buy BHO from a respected dispensary.

Final Thoughts on Hash

Now that you know how to make hash with these solvent-cost-free solutions, you will be capable to place your kief collection and excess plant matter to fantastic use! Bear in mind that hashish is substantially additional robust and potent than dry flower, so commence slow and love this age-old cannabis tradition responsibly.