With the opioid epidemic reaching new heights in the USA, it has turn into vital to obtain appropriate options to opioids. Cannabis, an antinociceptive, is a powerful contender to aid individuals cut down their opioid usage. A increasing literature has been examining the complicated effects cannabis has on discomfort relief and on opioid usage whether or not it is a substitute for opioids or increases their use. This overview explores the research that compare cannabis-opioid interactions and presents some challenges of cannabis research and usage. The sensible clinical pharmacology of cannabis as an analgesic, which includes the route of administration, security and pharmacokinetics, are discussed to address the issues, as nicely as doable options, of cannabis as a discomfort reliever.

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PMID: 30681029 DOI: 10.2217/pmt-2018-0051



Khan SP1, Pickens TA1, Berlau DJ1.