11 Ideal Stoner Films for Christmas


Ideal Stoner Films for Christmas

Light up the fireplace, collect your preferred vacation snacks, and watch the greatest stoner films for Christmas with the assist from this list complete of classics and contemporary vacation films. Our list functions comedy, horror, fantasy, and loved ones films that take location in the course of Christmas. When numerous of these films may well not center about cannabis, they make for a funny, entertaining, and themed encounter for stoners worldwide.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Holiday

If you are browsing for non-cease belly laughs this Christmas, verify out National Lampoon’s Christmas Holiday with comedy legend Chevy Chase. In the third installment of this Lampoon series, the Griswold loved ones welcomes their in-laws and several hijinks ensue. Prolific writer/director John Hughes brings with each other a star-studded cast of comedic actors to build a hilarious and slapstick-friendly Christmas film.

A Quite Harold &amp Kumar Christmas

Classic stoner duo, Harold Lee and Kumar Patel, are inspired by the holidays in this uninhibited Christmas stoner film. Right after expanding apart for years, Harold and Kumar’s friendship is serendipitously rekindled with the arrival of a mysterious package at Kumar’s door. Against their greater judgment, the duo goes by way of hell and higher water in an try to replace a destroyed and prized Christmas tree that belongs to Harold’s father-in-law.

The Evening Just before

The Evening Just before is a tale about friendship and adulthood. Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt play Isaac, Chris, and Ethan, respectively. Each year the trio meets up for Christmas Eve to celebration it up and catch up. As they enter adulthood, the trio plans to celebrate their final blowout reunion at a single of the largest Christmas parties of the year.


Scrooged is a dark and surreal remake of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Bill Murray plays Frank Cross, a Scrooge-kind, income- and energy-hungry tv executive hell-bent on reaching the highest ratings with shocking and provocative programming. Frank is visited by 3 ghosts in the course of the evening who show Frank the error of his techniques.

Poor Santa

Dark comedies make for great stoner films. Poor Santa stars Billy Bob Thornton as Willie T. Stokes, a con man and thief who steals from mall retailers each year exactly where he performs as Santa Claus in the course of the vacation season. When the mall manager suspects Willie of stealing, he orders the chief of mall safety to analysis Willie’s previous. Willie’s strategy gradually unravels, but he finds friendship and redemption in the unlikeliest of areas.


Elf stars Will Ferrell as Buddy, a human who was raised as a single of Santa Claus’ elves. Right after locating out his correct origin, he heads to New York City to come across his biological loved ones. Ferrell delights and amuses with a hilarious overall performance as he stumbles and fumbles his way into adore and loved ones. The film combines intelligent and slapstick humor to build an immediate vacation classic.

Friday Right after Subsequent

The vacation season brings very good cheer to most individuals, but not to some. Right after acquiring robbed on Christmas Eve, Craig (Ice Cube) requires to earn back his income or else threat acquiring beat up and evicted from his apartment. Craig and his roommate Day Day reluctantly take up jobs as mall safety guards. This stick to-up to the stoner classic, Friday, is a worthy addition to your Christmas film list.

Die Tough

There’s a heated debate on no matter whether Die Tough is even a Christmas film. Regardless of naysayers, this film requires location on Christmas Eve. John McLane (Bruce Willis) unexpectedly has to combat a terrorist threat in the course of his wife’s business Christmas celebration. This higher-octane action film has all the thrills to hold you entertained this vacation.


Gremlins redefined the Christmas horror genre with its comedy and fantasy sensibilities. Right after a father buys his son a “mogwai” as a pet for Christmas from a Chinatown shop, the loved ones breaks the 3 most vital guidelines when taking care of this furry creature. When exposed to light, water, or fed immediately after midnight, these loveable creatures can turn into evil monsters.

Workplace Christmas Celebration

Workplace Christmas Celebration updates the standard Vacation genre with a film about a business Christmas celebration gone incorrect. Facing a possible closing of his branch, Clay Vanstone (T.J. Miller) plans a legendary workplace Christmas celebration to impress a possible client. You will delight in this vacation film far more and far more as the celebration gets hilariously out of hand.


House Alone

House Alone is not necessarily a stoner film but is genuinely a really feel-very good and humorous Christmas film that can be enjoyed even though consuming cannabis. eight-year-old Kevin McCallister is accidentally left household alone even though his whole loved ones travels for the holidays. The loved ones quickly realizes their error, but two zany and mischievous robbers strategy to rob the McCallisters’ household prior to they return. Tiny do they know that Kevin is an ingenious and determined small fella who devises traps for the thieves all through the residence.


There are a plethora of Christmas-themed films that could possibly as properly be viewed as stoner films. Honorable mentions involve The Nightmare Just before Christmas, Planes, Trains &amp Automobiles, A Christmas Story, and The Santa Clause. Attempt these cannabis strains to pair with your Christmas film-going encounter.


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