FedEx delivery issues… –

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OP, step one is to track the package to see if a signature upon delivery was required by the sender. IF sender insured the gun for $500 or more, then FedEx’s policy is to require a signature. If a signature was not obtained today, they will make 2 additional attempts to deliver on 2 separate days.

If you have questions, call FedEx for an update. 800-GO-FEDEX. Ask the operator if the shipment was insured and ask if a signature was required. If they say NO, then its very possible the gun was left at a doorstep or wherever your LGS has instructed the package to be left unattended.

Give the time of delivery listed, it seems like a mistake scan was done of the package. Call FedEx to confirm.

You can also ask the FedEx operator to open a “trace” on the package. This can take 24-48 hrs, but you’ll get a case number and can follow up again later.

If FedEx confirms the package is lost, then contact Atlantic Arms and ask if what their procedure is. They are the shipper and likely either use FedEx insurance, or they have a 3rd party insurer. Either way, you are not responsible and are entitled to a replacement or a refund – IF the gun is actually lost. You haven’t confirmed that yet.

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