Google Translate: frequency of translated words

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Google Translate started to provide frequencies for translated words probably in late 2019. Given a single word, the translated words are given 1 to 3 bars of frequency, which “Indicates how often a translation appears in public documents”. It’s a great feature! If anybody knows another dictionary that ranks the frequency of translated words, please let me know.

Here’s my question. What does it mean if the translated word is not the most frequent and yet it’s given as the default translation? For example, Source language: French. Target Language: English. French word: froisser. In the English textbox on the right, it shows crumple. But under this textbox are listed offend with 3 bars, crease 2 bars, crumple 2 bars, …. If offend more frequently appears as a translated word for froisser than crumple, why is crumple instead of offend the default translation? And, of the multiple words with 2 bars, why is crumple chosen instead of say crease?

If this message is off-topic, I apologize. I posted it to the Google Translate forum ( but I get no answer there.

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