Minecraft: Google Translated

Minecraft: Google Translated

A pack that replaces all of the text in the language files with Google Translated text! This texture pack replaces the English (US) language with the new English (Translated) language. Almost everything is translated: block names, item names, menus, the tutorial, and more!

This text swap used a computer program to take each line in the language file, translate into various other languages, and then back to English. This results in the default text becoming seemingly random words and phrases, and some of the results can be pretty entertaining.

The only things not translated were the splashes (since they aren’t part of the lang files), the language names (for the same reason), and text associated with other applications (e.g. the achievements aren’t changed in-game because they’re connected with Xbox Live).

I know this has been done before on MCPEDL, but this version also contains all of the new 1.16 blocks and a custom translated logo.

A few things to keep in mind while using this pack:

  • Since the translations were generated by a computer program, some may not have been translated appropriately, back to English, or at all. I did review much of the text to ensure that it was translated acceptably, but some block names or menu text might have not (there are over 8,000 lines of text, after all).
  • Coordinate displays were translated, too! In the case of this pack, the world coordinates tracker and the /locate command only show the x-coordinate.
  • Some command outputs no longer show their results, but instead only generic messages (such as /summon and /kill).
  • This texture pack also modifies menu text, so be careful when changing world settings or navigating shop menus if you have the pack applied.
  • Don’t take any of the advice the loading screen gives you too seriously:

Feel free to use, modify, and redistribute this pack, as long as you give credit!

If enough people ask for it, I’ll make versions of this for other languages as well.

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