Pre-qualified for Capital One Platinum Master card. Should I go for it?

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Like title says, I’ve been pre-qualified for Capital One and have heard that it’s good. I was wondering if I should get it now or wait on getting a second card. I was looking at getting the Amex everyday card but not until the beginning of next year. I was told that this would be good to do but I was just curious to see what you all think. The paper I received says to reply by the 26th of this month.

Currently I’m 21 and only have the Discover It card since January of this year. Total and average age of card is 7 months. Current Transunion Fico score on Discover is 759. My credit limit went from $1250 – $1950 at 6 months which was automatically given.

My monthly expenses are as followed; I live with my parents so no rent, food : $150, car insurance: $120, phone bill: $25, entertainment: ~$100, other: ~$100 and I’m still in school but no loans. Total yearly income is ~$21,600. I haven’t applied for any other cards or have had any other types of hard polls done as far as I know.

I’m looking more so for a card that gives me points I can use later as to why I have Discover It and was looking at the Amex everyday card. Do not do flying so not really looking for miles and not open to business cards.

Hopefully this helps. Let me know if you anymore info is needed.

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