Should Etsy Charge Ad Fee for Repeat Customers?

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Mon Aug 10 2020 22:20:09

Should Etsy Charge Ad Fee for Repeat Customers?

By: Reader

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Dear Ina,
I wanted to let your Etsy readers know about a problem we were all suspecting but now I have proof that Etsy is charging sellers for so called offsite Etsy ads even though purchases did not come from the ads.
Let me explain.
This past weekend I had a referral from another Etsy customer of mine.  The customer contacted me through Etsy and I sent her the link and instructed her how to make the purchase. Etsy charged me for advertising so I contacted Etsy support. I was told it was probably a glitch and I got credited.
Today I had a previous customer make a purchase from me, she bought through Etsy from me before. I was charged again advertising fee so I contacted Etsy again. After being on hold for about 15 minutes, the agent told me he had to check with the supervisor who told him that this customer probably clicked on an Etsy ad maybe last week or a month ago and even if she didn’t buy then, they had to charge me today.
This is not right when we are all struggling right now and I think Etsy sellers should all investigate when they are charged for these so called ads.
Maybe if Etsy realizes we are not stupid and more sellers complain about it they would have a little more respect for us.



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