Thinking of buying a vacation home in NC mountains and doing Airbnb. Bad idea?

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Sandtrap wrote: ↑

Mon Aug 10, 2020 12:31 pm

Joint ownership, responsibility, and upkeep.

Vacation home fun with deep assets = great.

R/E Investment = not so great.


I can’t see with Covid-19 how AirBnB is a flyer.

Maybe there are service firms that can give some kind of certificate re cleaning meets government standards? The level of disinfection required is quite stringent.

Maybe I am just UK Australia and Canada-centric but:

– the epidemic is not under control
– governments at all levels have set strict standards for hygiene and social distancing in service sector: hotels, gyms restaurants, pilates studios, alternative medical facilities, etc.
– new outbreaks eg Australia, mean that periodic lockdowns are an ongoing feature
– particularly over 50s are being told to take as few risks as possible. Avoid air or train travel is possible, eating indoors at restaurants etc.

Is it reasonable to plan on AirBnB income in such an environment?

Who pays if someone gets sick? Is the property owner liable? Are they insured for Covid-19? What happens if they are found to have broken the law re hygiene?

These are all genuine questions not rhetorical. Just not sure how Airbnb is working in this environment.

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