Walmart drive-ins and more places to catch a movie outdoors

closeup photo of grey pavement

Lakeland, Florida
Things feel almost normal at this 70-year-old drive-in, about a half-hour east of Tampa, though its first-run double features on two screens seven nights a week are now repertory classics such as “Ferris Bueller’s day Off” and “Footloose” — and being watched by a 25% percent fewer cars. The snack bar, which serves classics such as pizza, corndogs, nachos, and candy, asks people to wait 6 feet apart. Finally, admission prices are tough to beat: $2 for children 4-9 and $6 for 9 and older. “You should do ‘Groundhog Day,'” a customer suggests on the theater’s Facebook page. “Isn’t that the movie we are living right now?”

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