Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad – Domingo Santana swats a 454-footer

Yahoo Sports' Launch Pad - Domingo Santana swats a 454-footer

Yahoo Sports recaps the Top 3 blasts from the Week of August 3rd utilizing statcast data.

Video Transcript



Cracks it high in the air. That’s deep to center. That’s away back, and that ball is away gone.

That’s impressive. Right after Minnesota dropped four on Duffy in the top of this inning. The Royals just come right back with home runs, show their power.

That Ball was hit in the Soler system. Look at that high breaking ball. On a tee for Soler.

And he muscled it, dead center field. Almost hit it in the hydration station.


Devers launching one. Hits the ball deep, headed toward the triangle. And that ball’s out of here! Raffi Devers with a blast.

Oh, did he ever need that. Got completely expended on that. Let’s take a look at the location of this. It’s inside, inside part of the plate. And he’s able to barrel that thing up and get it out of there in center field.

Pulled his hands in just a hair.

Yeah, he did. I didn’t think he was going to be extended enough to be able to drive that ball out of the ballpark. But he did. That’s how strong he is.


Uh oh.

Launches one.

Uh oh.

Deep left field. And that baby is long gone.

Yeah. He found the nitro zone.

Find some aluminum up there to knock it around.

There you go. Santana gets his second hit of the game. Nice to see him go yard. Here’s your seven, right there.

Seven up, [? Zinc. ?]

There it is. Seven up, [? Zinc. ?]


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