Can I Place An Amazon Hyperlink On My Web page To An FBA Item?

The query of regardless of whether you can hyperlink to your personal merchandise on Amazon comes up once more and once more when making use of an Amazon Associates affiliate hyperlink. The answer is the identical, regardless of whether you are linking to your personal item or a person else’s item on Amazon – you require to have an affiliate disclosure that is compliant with each Amazon and the FTC needs.

If you are actually just asking yourself regardless of whether it is OK to hyperlink to merchandise on Amazon when not making use of an Amazon affiliate hyperlink, you haven’t got something to disclose – just go ahead and hyperlink to Amazon.

There are a handful of items to contemplate when it comes to inserting Amazon Affiliate hyperlinks on your web-site, and 1 of the very best methods of staying compliant is to use an Amazon Affiliate Hyperlink Management tool such as Amalinks Pro and adhere to their guidance closely on their weblog.

This short article from the Amalinks Pro Weblog in certain about linking to each Amazon Item Pages AND other shops on the identical short article or web page – which is a thing numerous hadn’t even regarded as up till the enormous Affiliate Commission Price Reduce by Amazon back in April.

Which Pages Can You Hyperlink To On Amazon?

As an Amazon Seller, you can hyperlink to numerous pages on Amazon that eventually market your personal merchandise on Amazon.

There are also numerous formats of URL you can use for several purposes, mainly about stimulating keyword rank on Amazon. You can use a tool like Gems from Helium10 to create hyperlinks such as “super URLs” and “2-step URLs”.

The EcomCrew weblog covered the Terms Of Service (TOS) compliance of several URLs and techniques of acquiring shoppers more than to your Amazon listing – the ultimate conclusion is that there’s extremely handful of one hundred% Amazon Seller Terms Of Service Compliant techniques.

What is not covered in the short article from EcomCrew is the potential to use the Amazon Attribution Plan to track the effectiveness of your visitors campaigns to provide sales. It utilizes fairly a distinctive tracking method to the Amazon Associates Affiliate Plan, but each present the potential to see which hyperlinks clicks are resulting in sales so you can calculate the RoAS of your External Off-Amazon Targeted traffic Campaigns.

Of course in terms of the pages you can hyperlink to in order to get persons to your item on Amazon, you can hyperlink to:

  • Straight to the Amazon Item Listing
  • To your Major Amazon Storefront Web page
  • To an Amazon Storefront Web page devoted to your Item.
  • To an Amazon Item List

Go forth and link…

If you are in the Amazon Seller or Amazon FBA game, the subject of linking to Amazon comes up when you are pondering about External Targeted traffic For Amazon – a thing we specialise in at Future State Media. If you want to develop visitors to your Amazon listing, speak to us nowadays.

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