Illinois recreational marijuana sales hit record of nearly $68 million in September

The recreational weed business keeps growing in Illinois, with the state’s adult use cannabis dispensaries generating nearly $68 million in sales during September.

The new sales record, reported Monday by the state, tops August sales by nearly $4 million. It includes more than 1.4 million items sold, also a record since Illinois legalized recreational marijuana sales in January.

Nearly $18 million, or about a fourth of the sales, went to out-of-state residents, according to the monthly report by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, which licenses marijuana dispensaries in the state.

When Illinois legalized recreational marijuana in January, it allowed the 55 existing medical cannabis dispensaries to begin adult use cannabis sales at a second location. Recreational sales have nearly doubled since then, despite the economic disruption of the pandemic.

There are 67 licensed recreational dispensaries in Illinois, according to the state.

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