A New Yorker’s Guide to Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey

In the 2020 general election, New Jerseyans voted two-to-one in favor of recreational cannabis legalization. Meanwhile, less than 10,000 feet across the Hudson in New York, the drug remains illegal. In order to figure out what New Jersey’s legalization means for cannabis use and possession in New York (for instance, when will we be able to smoke freely at the Hoboken PATH terminal? And will this put city drug dealers out of business?), we spoke with over a dozen experts — including a businesswoman who’s been working in the industry for over a decade, and a criminal defense attorney who specializes in cannabis.

How many dispensaries are there right now in New Jersey?
In New Jersey 12 licenses have been given to Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) — businesses which grow, process, and sell cannabis within the Garden State’s lines. Each is also allowed up to two second locations. “Not all of them have opened yet, and some have multiple locations” says reporter Amanda Hoover who covers cannabis for NJ.com, the Star-Ledger, and NJ Cannabis Insider. “Currently I believe we’re holding at 16 dispensaries, but it depends which day of the month you ask, because it’s increasing pretty rapidly,” says Shaya Brodchandel, president of New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association and CEO of Harmony Foundation. [Read more at Curbed]

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