Wait, Can You Build Your Own Dab Rig?

build you own dag rig

Enthusiasts prefer dabbing as a means of consuming cannabis concentrates because it provides a cool, concentrated vapor that packs quite a punch when inhaled. This is made possible by a dab rig–a water pipe instrument used along with a heated nail, torch, and a dab tool.

A dab rig may look complicated at first glance and newbies might be intimidated by the terms associated with its parts and the dabbing process. But in truth, dab rigs are simple instruments, making them a candidate for your next DIY project.

Parts Of A Dab Rig

As mentioned, a dab rig is a device used to inhale cannabis concentrate. Its components include:

Nail or Banger – The nail is a rod made from titanium or quartz heated by the torch. A banger works just the same, the only difference is that a banger is mainly made from quartz and has a bowl-like shape.

Torch – The source of heat. It has a small torch or an open flame

Dab tool – Small pieces of metal that are used to apply cannabis concentrate on the heated nail or banger

Bong – A water pipe or glass tube that cools and cleans the vapor before it enters the lungs

Timer or stopwatch – This is used to time the interval between heating the dap rig and inhaling the vapor

Additional parts can be included in a dab rig, such as an electronic nail (eNail), which can be used as an alternative to a torch or an open flame. A vapor dome or vapor curve serves as a glass hood that captures the vapor. This feature makes the dabbing experience more convenient for beginners.

DIY Dab Rig

You can actually use common household items to make your own dab rig. There are two versions to this do-it-yourself dab rig.

One makes use of the notched top portion of a disposable plastic water bottle to make a bong, a pen or paper clip to serve as a nail, a metal or butter knife as a dab tool, and a blow torch as the source of heat.

The other version repurposes mason jars and bendy straws to serve as a bong, a titanium nail, and aluminum foil. The aluminum foil is used to coat the pen and the bendy straw. These are then inserted into holes on top of the mason jar lid. The mason jar is then filled with water and concentrate. The resulting vapor is then inhaled using the bendy straw.

A Word of Caution

A homemade dab rig can save you some money but there are some risks associated when using household items. These dangers could range from:

First or second-degree burns from using plastic bottles, paper clips, and butter knives

Glass shards that result from using thin or low-quality glass as bongs

Toxic fumes produced from heating plastic materials

Inhaling concentrates can be beneficial, but you need to make sure that the materials you use don’t pose additional hazards to your health. If you’re serious about dabbing, it’s best that you invest in quality materials to make it a worthwhile experience.

Buying Dab Rigs

There are plenty of dab rigs on the market that can suit your budget and preference, which is why the best online head shop offers a variety of choices for you to choose from.

Beginner dab rigs are simple and its glass is moderately thick, preventing it from shattering. It also fits most budgets since dab rigs at this range are priced from $30 to $40.

If you want to be sure about the quality of the glass for your bong and also fancy some designs, opt for mid-tier dab rigs that you can buy for around one hundred dollars. If you desire unique and high-end pieces, you can contact glass artists and have one made just for you.

Other Essential Parts

After you select your preferred bong, it’s also important to consider other parts of your dab rig. For one, you need to make sure that the nail or banger has good quality. You can choose from affordable glass bangers or a more durable quartz banger. It’s also helpful to note that bangers must fit into a specific size of your dab rig’s joint. The typical sizes of a joint include 10, 14, and 18 millimeters.

Bangers also have genders. Remember that a dab rig with a male joint is paired with a female nail and vice versa. While you can use a dab rig of the same gender, it requires an adapter for it to work.

You can also decide between using a nail or a banger. Medical grade-2 titanium nails are durable and will retain heat longer. However, if you desire better flavor and faster heat, you can purchase a quartz banger instead.

Finishing Touches

A torch gives off the needed heat to vaporize your concentrate. For torches, it’s a toss between butane and propane torches. But some prefer butane torches as they produce cleaner burns. These torches are also portable and can even come with additional features like adjustable heat and lockable flame features. You also need butane to refill your torch and a traveling case so you can carry your dab rig kit wherever.

The last component of your dab rig is the timer. An ordinary stopwatch or your smartphone tells you when the vapor is safe for inhalation.


Once you have everything ready, all you need is to assemble the parts to form a complete dab rig. You can use it anytime you want and even carry it wherever you go in a traveling bag. You just need to clean the dab rig and all its parts thoroughly after each use.

Since experts warn against the dangers of using reclaimed resins, make sure to dispose of residues afterward. These cannabis leftovers can contain carcinogens and irritants that can damage the nostrils and lungs.


DIY projects can be both fun and practical. It allows you to repurpose things that are usually stockpiled inside the house. Also, it lets you customize items and gives you an opportunity to get creative. The same applies in creating your very own dab rig, which you can make from a variety of available household items or from items bought at an online head shop that you can easily assemble.

Both can be considered as legitimate DIYs but there are several advantages in each that you need to consider, especially if you want to get the most out of inhaling marijuana concentrates.







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