Only dabs and carts get me high please help

So I used to smoke a lot about 2 years ago. Since I was still in highschool I had to be discreet and I had a dab pen for about 5 months and I got caught and that was all over. I was a decent smoker and had experienced many different kinds of smoking including bongs, pipes, etc you name it. Recently I just started smoking again and i have another pen which gets me very high. The weird thing though is that i have only been smoking for about 2 months and I only used my dab pen. I ended up going to a friends house about a month ago to smoke some actual flower, but it didn’t get me high. I smoked about a solid 2 grams of some wedding cake that was pretty good. I was ultimately confused and disappointed, because that same night I brought my dab pen and that got me high but not the bud?? I decided to experiment a little more and started to buy some flower. I started out by smoking some bowls out of an apple, but they never seemed to hit me very hard. They would lightly hit me and then the high would fade, and I would have to resort to my dab pen. Finally I said enough and bought a fresh 8th to smoke so I could get high out of my mind, but I smoked a whole 8th and barely got high. My tolerance is nowhere near facing an 8th to face. I was pissed and decided that I would get high eventually, so I kept buying flower. I smoked about another 8th again and still nothing, and a few more times this happened (not every time I was smoking an 8th). I also noticed that back when I smoked 2 years ago my mouth would get dry asf when I smoked, and now i literally have to have a spit cup because my mouth over salivates so much. Has anyone else experienced this? I have a few guesses to what the problem is but ultimately I’m stumped because I am able to get high with the pen, but not with the bud. If anyone has anything to say I welcome it 🙂

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