California Cannabis Trade Org Launches Fundraiser to Fuel Policy Change

UKIAH, Calif. – In California’s legacy cannabis growing areas, appropriate growers and* that is( companies are affected by the pandemic and the global economic downturn like everyone else, but also have been devastated by four years of historic wildfires having scorched the legendary soil in areas that hadn’t burned in generations.

Unfortunately, in these turbulent times, the plight of California’s agricultural areas (also home to wineries, orchards, farms, and rural communities) has been overshadowed by a laundry list of unprecedented issues.


In an effort to highlight the challenges that are economic the states’ growers, California cannabis advocacy company Origins Council (OC) and its particular partner alliances established the Matching Funds Campaign, with all the objective of increasing $100,000.

Funds raised through the thirty days of February are utilized to power the 2021 OC Regional Council National Affairs Program, to benefit* that are( policy reform.

“Our matching funds campaign follows a cooperative, all-ships-rise model,” Origins Council Executive Director Genine Coleman told mg.

“Funding our government affairs program exclusively through sponsorship preserves membership revenue for our regional partner’s operations and development, directly benefiting their membership. Sponsors gain access that is direct our 500 people statewide, strengthening the company ecology in your community.

“This Campaign celebrates those that have tangibly invested in supporting the legacy producing communities of California, and the value and values we bring to the global world,” Coleman added.

California was already suffering from a drought that is historic years just before current wildfires. Many environmentalists fault environment modification for the monstrous fires, along with blazes that consumed an incredible number of acres in Australia, Siberia, additionally the Arctic, in 2020.

“Humanity is dealing with an urgent call to action—reform our systems to produce real sustainability and justice now. The legacy cannabis creating community of Ca is driving renters of the reform for over half a century,” Coleman said.

“The Ca cannabis industry of today exists as a result of years of sacrifice and commitment regarding the element of medical cannabis clients, providers, medication manufacturers, farmers, and advocates to get rid of the war on medications.

“Our work just isn’t done, in a lot of respects the reforms we seek just have only begun. The legacy producers of California are organized and committed to working for socio-economic and environmental sustainability—for our communities and for the world today. It’s an honor to become a part of this lineage that is historic movement,” she said.

While conventional agricultural businesses affected by wildfires can access insurance and banking assistance, emergency assistance from federal agencies, and other crisis resources, legal cannabis business are unable to take advantage of most forms of financial assistance, due to continued prohibition that is federal

The announcement also noted the rollout of appropriate cannabis in Ca is a process that is decades-long “fraught with implementation challenges.”

“To Address these presssing dilemmas, the Newsom management and state legislature is involved in a huge proposed overhaul associated with state’s cannabis legislation and certification framework through the consolidation associated with three cannabis certification agencies developed in 2017, pursuant to your passing of Proposition 64,” the declaration read.

Origins Council provides lobbying with respect to the industry at both state and levels that are federal as well as providing other business resources for its members.

The agency also introduced a sponsorship that is regional and it is welcoming organizations enthusiastic about supporting this work together with legacy producing community of Ca to sponsor its 2021 OC Regional Council Government Affairs Program.

For information regarding the Matching Funds Campaign or the 2021 OC Regional Council national Affairs system, please e-mail: [email protected].

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