Custom Cone USA now hosts selection that is largest of pre-roll equipment and products in the world


Custom Cones USA
Harrison Bard
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February 5, 2021

custom marijuana cones

“Pre-Roll Experts” create a one-stop shop for cannabis brands offering pre-rolls.

Dateline: [FIFE, WASHINGTON, February 2021] — In an ongoing effort to offer cannabis brands everything needed to launch or expand their pre-roll business, Custom Cones USA has amassed the largest selection of pre-rolled cones, tubes, packaging, and production machinery in the world.

This isn’t the time that is first Cones United States Of America has made history, however. Harrison Bard, mind of company development at Personalized Cones United States Of America, stated these were the b2B that is first to launch hemp wrap blunt cones, as well as offering two natural-leaf palm blunt options: cordia and tendu, which are like unbranded King Palms that can be fully customized.

Custom Cones USA’s team of pre-roll experts understands every part of the production that is pre-roll and offers help with grinders, sifters, cone filling devices, and pre-roll packaging to make sure a brand’s success. They Likewise Have a custom design studio to help brands with customized cones and custom that is best-in-class.

“We provide the equipment that is industrial packaging and all sorts of the recycleables you’d require, but moreover, we offer the data and insights that can help pre-roll brands begin and take their company to another location degree,” Bard said. “We’ve caused start-ups in recently legalized states, major brands, Canadian LPs, and established multi-state operators.”

Custom Cones USA is consistently bringing in product that is new to keep up with changing tastes. Bard said they spotted the trend toward multipack packaging and now offer options that are several brands.

“The industry continues to be extremely young, and clients remain determining whatever they like,” Bard said. “As cannabis brands work to provide for clients, be there to we’ll assist them.”

At Custom Cones USA, we are the Pre-Roll Experts, selling everything a business needs to deliver its pre-roll brand to customers. From bulk pre-rolled cones to custom pre-roll packaging, Custom Cones USA is here to help grow and scale any business that is pre-roll.

Check out of the Personalized Cones United States Of America selection today!


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