Marijuana legislation reform in Japan contingent on the message

Yeah, i possibly could never ever see this occurring. Possibly Osaka, but nonetheless at the least perhaps not for a time that is long. I frequent Japan (pre-covid) and while booze and cigarettes are plenty affordable and it is legal to drink in public, I just couldn’t see Japan getting back on the* that is( train any time soon. I’ve a couple of “hippy” Japanese buddies as well as they truly are afraid to smoke cigarettes. Their thinking, beyond being exceedingly unlawful, could be the possible to destroy their reputation, lose “face”, and never have the ability to be used. Many of them will literally travel hours out to the center of no where you can enjoy, however in all of the full years i’ve been, no one has ever offered. This is just like my opinion, man, but there have been times that are many desire I happened to be in a position to smoke cigarettes a joint later through the night by the Kamo River in Kyoto.

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