Top 10 Yoga for Anxiety Practices

Yoga might not be for everyone, but those suffering from anxiety and depression have often found comfort from practicing this centuries-old tradition of easing the mind and body. That’s why we believe that the tools to practice yoga should be accessible to everyone, especially those looking to practice yoga for anxiety relief.

But yoga can be pricey: you’ve got to get the classes, the clothes, the gear. But it doesn’t have to be. Most yogis will tell you how to adapt household items for most of the yoga gear, like a scarf for a yoga strap, or a rolled towel for a yoga roll. You don’t have to have the trendiest, most chic yoga clothes to practice yoga in the privacy of your own home. And even the most popular yoga instructors offer some instruction online for free.

Each of these entries features a free yoga practice from the best-known yogis on YouTube, and most give details about how to join each yogi’s subscription program to practice yoga regularly. We did our best with this list to focus on basic, beginner, and morning classes. Check out each yogi’s page or website for more information, deeper learning, or more demanding yoga practices.

Here’s our top 10 favorites with a bit of commentary. Which one of these relaxing yoga practices will work best for you?

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