What You Need to Know About the CBD Oil Industry


Getting started with CBD oil products can feel pretty daunting for those without any experience with the CBD oil industry itself.

Whether you are looking for CBD oils or the best CBD gummies, if you don’t really understand the CBD oil industry, you will probably struggle with picking the best products.

So, to make everything easier, here is everything that you need to know about the CBD oil industry.

How CBD Oil Is Made

The CBD oil industry starts with the CBD oil manufacturer, who takes unprocessed hemp plants and turns them into CBD oil.

To do this, the manufacturer extracts the CBD from hemp plants using a substance called supercritical CO2. Carbon dioxide is heated to supercritical temperatures, which lets it act as both a liquid and gas, giving it the ability to remove and extract the CBD from hemp.

This extracted CBD is then suspended in oil, after undergoing several other refinement processes.

From there, CBD oil can be sold on its own or used to make all kinds of CBD products, like CBD edibles, CBD vape oils, or even CBD crystals.

CBD Oil Is Becoming More Accepted Than Ever

While CBD oil, alongside all other things associated with cannabis, has long been associated with illegality and danger, society’s view of it is quickly shifting.

The idea of taking CBD, whether for relaxation purposes or as a therapeutic, has become incredibly commonplace. Whether it is the vapers you pass in the street or the sheer amount of CBD oil being sold in corner stores, it seems like CBD oil has become more accepted than ever.

CBD Oil Is Safe to Use & Has Minimal Side Effects

Despite long-lasting fears from the days of scare tactics from the government, CBD is now known as both healthy and safe to use.

A variety of different studies, such as this one by Kerstin Iffland and Franjo Grotenhermen for the Journal of Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, have found CBD to be incredibly safe.

The side effects of CBD, while definitely real, are not anywhere near as frightening as was once thought. Things like slightly increased tiredness, a mild change in appetite, and a tendency towards short term diarrhea are pretty much the worst you can expect.

There Are Some Really Interesting CBD Trends

While the idea of taking CBD oil as part of a daily routine has become commonplace, the world of the CBD oil industry is still changing and evolving.

There are newly emerging trends within the industry, such as the use of CBD in fine dining. While it is still early days, chefs all across the USA are beginning to use CBD and cannabis-infused foods as part of their haute cuisine, as well as in new and interesting food and drink products.

You Can Even Give CBD Oil to Your Pets

Pets might be our furry, cuddly friends, but they can also suffer from many of the same problems we do as well.

Considering that our pets are mammals just like we are and are thus affected by cannabinoids in the same way we are, it is no surprise that there is a huge quantity of CBD pet products out there.

Whether it is using CBD pet shampoo to clean your dog’s fur or using CBD oil to try and try your cat’s separation anxiety, CBD pet products are here to stay and are constantly growing in popularity.

Final Thoughts on What You Need to Know About the CBD Oil Industry

The CBD oil industry is definitely confusing for those not familiar with it, but it is surprisingly easy to learn with time.

As long as you are willing to give all of the different types of CBD products a try and to do your research, you should find yourself intimately understanding it in no time.

Check out all of the myriad different resources available at such websites like WayofLeaf, but the best thing to do is try all of the different CBD oil products that you can.

Eventually, you’ll probably find something that you’ll love.

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