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It’s 2021—are you still buying your CBD based on pretty packaging? Sure, some bright colors and a sleek design will get your attention, but that doesn’t mean it should get your money. What you really need to look out for are the labels. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place!

Before you make a purchase, be sure the CBD shop has these four things:

1. The CBD You’re Looking For

Yes, there are different types of CBD. CBD actually means cannabidiol and is one of many found in the cannabis plant (think CBA, CBN, and CBG). But let’s stick to CBD for now. While products may all derive from CBD, their extraction method (and therefore intended effects) may differ. Here’s a quick breakdown of the different types of CBD:

  • Full Spectrum oils are the most effective extraction of CBD and can legally contain 0.3% of THC, enough to have some results without giving a psychoactive effect.
  • Broad Spectrum contains the same cannabinoids as full spectrum, but without any THC. While you’re still getting the goodies here, it’s not as effective without the combination of THC.
  • Isolate products are what the name suggests. All other compounds are removed during the extraction process, leaving behind pure CBD. While this may sound good, it still won’t be as effective as it would with THC.

2. Transparency

While having a basic understanding of the different types of CBD products is a good start, pay close attention to how transparent a brand is about its extraction method. Simply labeling an oil as full spectrum is not enough. While not all packaging will include every detail, hop over to the brand’s website for more information.

Here, you should find the amount of THC the product contains, it’s intended uses and effects, where the CBD (and cannabis plant) comes from, any additional additives, and what lab tests and certificates the product has to further legitimize the CBD.

3. Fair Pricing

A higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality. The first red flag is an extremely expensive or cheap price tag without any of the above details. Your best bet is to find some middle ground. What’s most important is the transparency of the product—that’s how you know you’ll be putting your money in the right place.

4. Honest Claims

The easiest way to spot a gimmick is if the claims seem too good to be true. According to the FDA, “some CBD products are being marketed with unproven medical claims.” Most brands are careful with their claims, using words such as “may help” instead of “will help” or “can cure.” It’s a good idea to stay away from the latter.

Where to Find Quality CBD Products

Now that we’ve covered some CBD shopping 101, it’s time to start browsing! Thankfully, you don’t have to look far. Just a click away are quality CBD products made for health-conscious individuals. Goliath Nutripower’sCBD oils are all-natural, non-GMO, chemical-free, lab tested, and does not contain any additives or preservatives.

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