Adult use cannabis coming to Thomaston

By Christine Simmonds | Feb 22, 2021

Thomaston — Thomaston is one step closing to the opening of the town’s first adult use recreational cannabis shop.

The Thomaston Planning Board approved the final site plan for the 155 New County Road shop, owned by Green Alien Cannabis Company. The location was formerly the Feed Store.

The next step for the shop is to go before the Select Board.

Planning Board Chair Joanne Richards said the company’s final site plan was approved by the board Feb. 16. The board approved the initial site plan in December.

Mark Crockett of Benton owns Green Alien Cannabis Company. The company operates medical cannabis dispensaries in Thomaston, Saco, Bangor and Fairfield. The recreational use store will be next door to their medical dispensary, Cannabis Cured, at 151 New County Road.

Richards said the board requested more trees from the company’s landscaping plans, but had no other requests. She said the plans, presented by Attorney Hannah King of Drummond Woodsum law firm, met and exceeded all the board’s expectations.

“They had put together such a good packet of information for the conditional use,” Richards said. The packet included security, landscaping plans and parking.

That part of Thomaston was already approved by voters for conditional use of a recreational marijuana store. This means that even though the space is not zoned for it, it can be approved for that use by the planning board if it meets all the requirements.

In addition to local requirements, adult use cannabis shops must also meet the extensive requirements laid out by the state.

This includes very detailed lighting, security and waste disposal requirements.

Thomaston Police Chief Tim Hoppe said he was not overly concerned about a recreational cannabis shop opening in town. There are already two medical dispensaries operating in Thomaston, and the police have had limited involvement with those.

“It’s really not an issue for us,” Hoppe said. “I just hope people are responsible in the way they use it.”

Hoppe added he did not view cannabis use as any different from drinking alcohol, and he hopes the new business will do well.

Like alcohol, recreational cannabis use is legal for adults age 21 and older, and there are restrictions on how it can be used. Adults cannot legally drive while under the influence of marijuana, and can only use cannabis in the privacy of their own homes or at a cannabis club.

Thomaston does not currently allow the operation of any cannabis clubs.

The first recreational cannabis shop in Knox County, Highbrow, opened in Rockland mid-January. It is unclear when the one in Thomaston will open, or what name the shop will operate under.

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