Australia: 89% of Victorian cannabis inquiry submissions want legal cannabis reports Pondering Pot

Well that’s pretty clear although I’m sure it being Australia it won’t take long for some ill-informed politician or lobby group with an agenda to further criminalize cannabis to turn these numbers on their collective head

See all the responses at the Vic Parliament website (just click the image)

Here’s the introduction to the Pondering Pot piece

Launched in May 2020, the Victorian government announced the Legislative Council’s Legal and Social Issues Committee would be welcoming submissions into the use of cannabis throughout the state.
More than 1,800 submissions have been made public on their website, with government organisations, private companies, drug law reform activists, and individuals all voicing their opinion on the current laws and the future of cannabis.
Committee Chair and leader of the Reason Party Fiona Patten is a strong believer in reforming the current drug laws throughout the state, welcoming all opinions including how to prevent young people from accessing cannabis.

We’re interested in hearing people’s views on whether use of cannabis should remain legal for medical treatment only or whether current restrictions on use of cannabis should be changed.

Adding that the committee will also examine models from international jurisdictions which have been “successful in promoting
public health and protecting public safety, including prevention of criminal activity, in relation to cannabis use


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