Australia “Woolies” (Woolworths) In LSD “Plant” Drama Due To Misinformed Customer Allegation

If you don’t laugh you’d have to cry !

7 News Australia reports

Woolworths has denied claims that one of its Discovery Garden plants is a hallucinogenic drug “similar to LSD”.

The retail giant set the record straight after a Woolworths customer had raised concerns about the plant salvia, which is one of 24 kits available in the supermarket’s new promotion.

Sharing on Woolworths’ Facebook page, the shopper posted screenshots from a medical news website claiming that salvia is a “drug that produces visual hallucinogenic effects similar to those people can experience with narcotics such as LSD”.

However a Woolworths spokesperson has told there were thousands of varieties of plants that fall under the salvia genus.

The opioid variety of salvia is know as salvia divinorum and is very different to the salvia viridis (also known as clary sage), which is available in the Discovery Garden range.

“While these two species come from the same large salvia genus, which has more than a thousand varieties, they are different plants,” the spokesperson said.


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