Cannabis and the Desi Diaspora — Broccoli – A Magazine for Cannabis Lovers

Cannabis has deep roots in India across social, spiritual, and geographical spheres. In this episode, Mennlay speaks with Yogi Maharaj, founder of Luv Kush Co, dedicated to creating a community platform for Desi weed lovers. Yogi shares the origin story of how Hindu deities created bhang—the original cannabis edible—and teaches us about early weed cultivation in India and how the past connects to our present in fascinating, crucial ways.

In this conversation, Yogi Maharaj, founder of Luv Kush Co, takes Mennlay deep into the history of cannabis in India, from the divine origin story of bhang to how the impacts of regulations imposed by British occupiers echo through the farmer protests happening right now. She shares personal anecdotes and a fun face mask recipe, too.

Production and editing: Anja Charbonneau
Music: Giselle Garcia
Graphic design: Citron Studio
Portrait photo: Jennifer Skog

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