Cannabis Company Grapefruit USA, Inc. Secures Trademark Protection for the ‘Hourglass’ Name and Logo

Bradley J. Yourist, Grapefruit CEO, commented, “Obtaining our California Trademark protection for Hourglass™ is pivotal for us to protect our intellectual property rights and goodwill with respect to Grapefruit’s Hourglass™ line of products. It is only fitting that Grapefruit has exclusive rights to the Hourglass™ name and logo since Grapefruit has an exclusive license for use of the patented technology upon which the Hourglass™ time release delivery cream is based and is the only enterprise on earth with the technical know-how to manufacture the Hourglass™ delivery cream for the regulated cannabis market. That symmetry is exquisite. Securing our trade name is another step forward in the dawning of the Hourglass Era. Hourglass products may only be obtained from Grapefruit and its authorized agents.”

“We previously secured California trademark and service mark protections for the Grapefruit corporate name and other product lines, Sugar Stoned and Rainbow Dreams. Currently, the Federal government does not allow cannabis companies to obtain Federal trademark protection of its intellectual property. We, however, have long understood our operational environment and moved to protect our intellectual property rights at the state level because such state-level registration provides Grapefruit with a significant level of protection on a national basis via common law first-in-time use of our product names. We believe that protection of our intellectual property rights is important to enhance and protect Grapefruit’s value for its shareholders.”

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