Heylo’s BODYHIGH virtual workouts combine cannabis, fitness and music

By Kate A. Miner

Heylo Cannabis specializes in high-terpene extracts, rare cannabinoid strains, and providing memorable cannabis experiences all with a mission to help anyone get more out of life.

The Seattle-based processor partners with pesticide-free and sustainable growers to deliver products free from harmful contaminants. Company leaders stress education and transparency as core values, but things get really interesting where it approaches the science of how cannabis works with the body.

“Heylo exists to help anyone get more out of life with cannabis,” said Chuck McKeen, director of sales.

Company officials have done extensive research into each strain, including the percentages of THC, CBD, and CBG, plus terpene details, full analytical reports, and unique “cannastamps,” which are visual guides to terpenes and cannabinoids for each product.

Heylo also provides guidance on all the effects each product will have on your body, such as full descriptions of how it will make your body feel. Each strain also includes a recommended playlist with music best suited to activities while enjoying this specific high that can be streamed from its website.

Company officials hope consumers will pair a strain with how they want to feel, such as a workout or mood, and enjoy the music to help you along. Their goal is to engage “active stoners,” or people who incorporate cannabis into a healthy, active lifestyle.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Heylo was all about bringing this body high approach to the Seattle community through events. The company hosted “high” art and/or music events, plus workouts in cool places like rooftops, followed by dance parties, many sponsored by local cannabis shops.

But when a global pandemic brought public gatherings to a standstill, company officials started thinking of other ways to keep their followers engaged.

In mid-2020 the company introduced BODYHIGH, an “elevated fitness and wellness virtual session” guided by cannabis-educated trainers and personal fitness gurus.

Consumers wanting to take part are asked to first determine their ideal strain, such as “The New Workout Plan,” described as “an exhilarating, energizing oil with more than 20% delta-10 THC,” and said to deliver a super energizing and uplifting experience, “perfect for getting motivated post-work to complete chores you don’t want to do, getting ready to crush your workout, or as an amazing coffee alternative in the morning.”

Next, go to www.heylocreate.com/events and register for a workout. More workouts are added throughout the year in a variety of disciplines.

Participants can create their own personal body high, enjoy a guided workout, learn more about how your body interacts with the strain and the workout, and then kick back afterwards with the suggested playlist for your own personal dance party.

BODYHIGH is led by professional trainers and personal fitness instructors who have a relationship to cannabis. Plus, representatives from the Heylo team are available to offer education and resources with each session to help attendees learn how to incorporate cannabis into active lifestyles.

Heylo was founded by Lo Friesen in 2017, an environmental chemist with a background working in gastroenterology. Her passion for practical medicine led her to cannabis and extraction sciences.

She is Heylo’s sole owner, a unique position among cannabis businesses in Washington.

It has been named Best Overall Company by Leafly, and was honored for Best CBD Product by the website in 2018. It’s PAX pods are listed as one of the highest-rated in the U.S., and the most popular PAX Pod in Washington in 2020.

McKeen said Heylo simply enjoys finding ways to help people.

“Events like BODYHIGH, combined with our dedication to education and transparency in all aspects of our products and business, help us achieve our mission,” he said.

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