WeedSport continues to shatter CBD stigmas in tennis


Just three years ago, John Isner signed an endorsement deal with a cannabidiol (CBD) company. The American was the first professional tennis player to sign a contract with a CBD business. Now, the market is saturated with trendy CBD-infused products and it’s continuing to break barriers in all sports.

Los Angeles-based CBD company WeedSport is among those continuing to break the stigma of cannabis and hemp and the lingering negative connotations around it. Husband and wife duo David Wilfert and Michaelann Cohlmia started their company to display the healing powers of a plant that can be used for a lot more than just getting high.

“If you don’t use it, you lose it,” Cohlmia tells Baseline.

Whether players are looking to start a new fitness journey or just pick up a racquet again, Cohlmia just wants to keep people feeling good on the court and WeedSport is a natural toolkit to do just that.

All five of WeedSport’s products are as natural as it gets. In fact, cannabinoids already exist in our bodies and CBD is a phytocannabinoid found naturally in the cannabis plant, but unlike tetrahydrocannabinols (THC), it’s not psychoactive.

The CBD brand offers relief and recovery for before, after and everything in-between court time. The dunk CBD muscle soak helps soothe and relieve built-up tension and soreness after a hard match, and the CBD/CBG oil is amazing for a quick pick-me up. In addition to these two products, WeedSport offers capsules and muscle rubs.

“Generally the reasons for people taking CBD are pretty much the same across the board: a tool to help with inflammation and stress,” Cohlmia says. “Using CBD has been observed to stimulate and awaken the endocannabinoid system, which helps our bodies deal with the many forms of stress we encounter on a daily basis.”

Tennis players and athletes in general exert a great amount of physical energy, but sports are mentally taxiing as well. Between strategizing and having the utmost focus under extreme pressure, CBD can help ease an overloaded system, allowing the body to relax.

Cohlima believes there aren’t really any negatives to using CBD products, but she urges consumers to do their research and pay attention to where the hemp is sourced from and if testing is up to date and accurate. There’s no room for error and even though no anecdotal evidence of THC has been shown to enter the bloodstream topically, it’s crucial to know what goes in and out of your body.

WeedSport sources their hemp from boutique family farms that use only organic, regenerative and sustainable agricultural methods. The LA-based brand takes pride in having traceability on their products and having relationships with the people who grow the plants and the soil it lives in.

“As a husband and wife team we created our dream brand, which is kind of like our baby,” Cohlmia says. “We can’t speak to other CBD companies, but we can say with confidence that each and every jar of WeedSport is made with love. Ultimately, we’re just trying to have fun with our brand, while growing our business and being good to others.”

Tennis is the sport of a lifetime, and both Wilfert and Cohlmia want players to enjoy the court for the long haul. All WeedSport products are reasonably priced, with no product exceeding the $50 mark. However, if looking to try all five products—the starter kit is available for $125.

“We feel like tennis is a core component of a life well-lived,” Cohlmia says. “We love tennis. It’s a game that you can play forever, and it’s accessible for everyone.”

Like Cohlmia says, “if you don’t use it, you lose it,” and CBD could be the key to unlocking more triumphs and victories on and off the court.

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