Declutter your closet: Get your clothes organized with these tips

Refresh the fit.

Say goodbye to clutter by sleuthing around for things that just don’t fit right. Whether it’s a baggy sweater or a too-tight pair of jeans, kiss your ill-fitting items goodbye to make room for things you can feel fantastic in right now. While you’re at it, add a few drops of Purification® to your wool dryer balls to keep mysterious scents away from your favorite ‘fits.

YL tip: Donate any items in good condition to your local secondhand store to make someone’s day.

Find your signature style.

Can you rock a baseball cap like nobody else? Do dramatic trench coats make you feel alive? Take a look at the items you love to reach for to determine what sparks joy. If you’re feeling stumped on what reflects your personality, try taking this quiz for inspiration. Once you know what you love, snoop around some stores to replace those items you ditched with pieces you’ll treasure forever.

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