CBD Lingo: Know the Basics to Be a Smart Shopper

By Jenny Menzel, H.C. “Have you tried CBD?” This is an increasingly common question the average layperson asks when within earshot of discussions about the most simple and complex health […]

Pixel 5 review: Google gets back to basics

The Pixel 5 is Google’s top smartphone for 2020. It comes with 5G and a simplified design that’s very similar to the excellent, cheaper Pixel 4a. It’s available in either […]

Charlotte's Web Basics

[embedded content] These days, CBD is everywhere you look. Benefits of CBD abound – it can help us to stay calm, recover quickly after hitting the gym, and even ease […]

LinkedIn Basics

A LinkedIn profile page is the foundation for your personal branding. It is a great personal marketing platform and helps you network and connect to various like-minded individuals from your […]

Charlotte's Web Basics

[embedded content] Here at Charlotte’s Web, we see a lot of questions and confusion about hemp vs marijuana. People tend to assume that, since Charlotte’s Web works with cannabis plants, […]

Charlotte's Web Basics

[embedded content] People are using CBD to support their health in so many ways – from a faster recovery after hitting the gym to easing the stressors of everyday life.* You can find […]